Rebecca Ackerman
Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Ackerman serves as MentorHub’s chief executive officer. Prior to MentorHub, Rebecca served as the chief impact officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee (BBBSMT) where she focused on helping youth and adults realize their potential by expanding access to impactful mentoring relationships that support the measurable achievement of participant-driven wellness, education, and employment goals and outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience in education, first as a grades 5-12 teacher and administrator in urban and suburban schools, and then as a founding member of the Tennessee Charter School Incubator and Center, Rebecca knows firsthand the impact equitable access to quality education, evidence-based interventions, and mentorship can have on a person’s success in life. That is why, as chief programs officer at the Tennessee Charter School Center, Rebecca led the development and implementation of charter school incubation and human capital initiatives that contributed to the creation of over a dozen new charter schools in Memphis and Nashville — currently serving thousands of students.

Today, Rebecca’s work centers on convening researchers, practitioners, and community members to advance tools and approaches that create equitable and unfettered access to the evidenced-based mental healthcare and mentoring support people need to thrive. Rebecca holds a B.S. from the City University of New York, an M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an M.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education.

Jeremy Astesano
Head of Product

Jeremy Astesano is the Assistant Director in the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts Boston and Head of Product for MentorHub. Originally from Cambridge, MA, he graduated from Haverford College in 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology. At Haverford, he wrote his thesis on how hiring bias can manifest at the level of visual attention in relation to race and social status. After graduating, Jeremy began his position at the Rhodes Lab, working with Dr. Rhodes on a variety of research projects. Over the past 18 months, he has taken on a leading role in the development of the MentorHub application, helping channel Dr. Rhodes’s insightful work into a new multi-sided platform that aims to change how we approach mentoring.

Alex Werntz Czywczynski
Head Research Coordinator
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts Boston

Alexandra Werntz works with the MentorHub team on research and product development. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Jean Rhodes at the Center for Evidence-based Mentoring and with Dr. Bethany Teachman at the University of Virginia. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia in 2020, specializing in supportive accountability for technology-delivered interventions. Her dissertation focused on how individuals with mental health challenges and their loved ones can be motivated to seek treatments that work. She is excited to work with the MentorHub team to improve access to mental health, wellness, and education apps that work among youth who may not otherwise have access to treatment and academic resources. 

Debbie Reynolds
Data Privacy Officer

Debbie Reynolds is a well-regarded technologist, thought-leader, and advisor to multinational corporations for handling global data privacy, cyber data breach response, and complex cross-functional data-driven projects. Ms. Reynolds is a published author, public speaker, and top media presence about global data privacy, data protection, and emerging technology issues. She was named to the Global Top 20 CyberRisk Communicators by The European Risk Policy Institute in 2020.

Hebah Ibreak
Operations Manager

Hebah Ibreak is the Operations Manager for MentorHub. She graduated with her B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University and has worked in both applied and research based clinical settings within the field of Psychology. After graduating, Hebah began working and managing a private therapy practice that focuses on multicultural mental health and building services to create inclusive, diverse, equitable clinical settings for clinicians, staff, and clientele through workshops, trainings, and consultation.

Jordan Cherry
Project Coordinator for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring
University of Massachusetts Boston

Jordan Cherry is the Project Coordinator for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is dedicated to community-based solutions for issues of inequality and is a strong advocate for scaffolding social support in individuals who are positioned in intersections of marginalization. Ms. Cherry is a current undergraduate student at the University of Virginia double majoring in Psychology and Medical Anthropology. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in clinical community psychology and is excited for the opportunity to unite her passions for advocacy and community-led solutions to help MentorHub foster social settings to promote well-being in target populations.

Megyn Jasman
Lab Manager, Rhodes Lab
University of Massachusetts Boston

Megyn Jasman is the lab manager of the Rhodes Lab at the University of Massachusetts Boston with Dr. Jean Rhodes, and is working with the MentorHub team as a partner coordinator. In Spring of 2021, Megyn graduated with her Bachelors in Psychological Science from Central Connecticut State University as the Valedictorian in her department, and is furthering her education in the field by working towards her Masters. Megyn started working with the Rhodes Lab and MentorHub in 2021, and is excited to use her passion for psychology to help bring mentoring and resources to improve wellness into a variety of individual’s lives.

Alaba Anang
Customer and Product Experience Specialist

Alaba Anang is a customer and product experience specialist at MentorHub and oversees Client Service and Success. His impressive educational background in pharmacy is complemented by experience in website design and consulting. He is currently enrolled in a computer science program to further his studies. In addition, Alaba has been using his research and technology background to serve the MentorHhub community. Another passion of his is using technology to foster intercultural communication and to foster the construction of a diverse society. 

Benlina Aier
Project Coordinator for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring
UMass Boston

Benlina Aier is a Project Coordinator for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at UMass Boston, and assists the MentorHub team with their research projects. She is passionate about helping communities create safe, equitable, accessible, and empowering spaces that facilitate growth for young people and their families. Benlina received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from DePaul University, and a Master of Education in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. She is experienced in intervention-based research and program development, with an interest in building youth-focused, community-based mental health initiatives that are fully accessible to the general public.